Our History

Delaney’s Surplus Sales History

 Back in 1946 our family (The Delaney’s) started a gas station and beer  depot in the township of Sumpter. After the war was over we started  purchasing guard towers, and hose houses from Badger Ordinance Works. We  sold the used lumber from these buildings. The used lumber business was  so good, we progressed to buying it out of Chicago from Western  Wrecking Co. We had it carried back in cattle trucks after they dropped  off their cargo. You never want a truck to come home empty.

We  continued to buy surplus lumber from Badger and other Army facilities as  well as bidding on army equipment and surplus. Our business was  growing, so we needed to re-locate. We decided on a space that was once  one of the first strip malls of its time—a government building in Badger  Village. During the war the building had served as the post office,  general store, barbershop, pharmacy, resale, and maintenance shop. After  moving in we grew the business by buying from surplus dealers. We  expanded our inventory to include housewares, hardware and other misterdelaneyouse stuff.

misterdelaneyouse =  oddities & endities, insurance claims, railroad & truck salvage,  closeouts, bankruptcies, fire claims, auctions, (and anyone needing to  sell something for a good price.)

After many years of buying and  selling to individuals and businesses, our business became what it is  today. We did have a slight setback on Dec 12, 2002 in the form of an  unfortunate fire, which left us with a total loss of our store. But that  didn’t stop us; we moved some inventory around and set up shop in one  of the warehouses. About a year later we moved into our new building  positioned on the same site as the previous store.

Stop in  sometime and learn more from the man himself—Jim Delaney. You’ll find  him wandering the yard making deals. Or you’ll hear his silly voice over the intercom reciting some of his favorite slogans 

James Delaney 1955
James Delaney 1955